The Nairobi Garage is Slacking! Though not quite the way you think. For those of you who don’t know, Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool used by many of the top-notch companies out there. It’s a platform for offices, that we believe can be put to great use in a coworking space like our very own Nairobi Garage!

Beyond just a chatting platform, we want Slack to be a tool to boost the quality of the NG community. Slack will bridge the gap between our members, it’ll be the space for friendly banter and also creative and productive conversation. We’re pimping up the connections element and making it easier for members to chat with each other, across and between spaces. We’ll have to make sure people don’t use it to gossip too much! Though the Garage Slack team is still only undergoing its soft launch and hasn’t had all our members added to it we hope that it’ll become the virtual forum we expect it to be, where everyone will be able to connect, cowork, and create by sharing ideas and information! It’s through Slack that we’ll be sharing all the news, announcements, events, and different opportunities that our members will need to hear about, as well as some fun new weekly updates that we’re not quite yet ready to announce.  Slowly but surely, all 250 of our Garagers will be Slacking at work! Stay tuned.