SPIREWe are pleased to see how far Spire has come – from renting two desks at Nairobi Garage, back in 2013 – Freddy and her team have grown Spire, out of the office space and in to one of leading companies working on reinventing higher education in Kenya.

Since launching in 2014, Spire has secured multi-year seed funding and built partnerships with many of Kenya’s most desirable employers who are desperate to find young people with the right skills. They aim to reach tens of thousands of people across emerging countries within the next five years. As part of this solid vision, Spire is now hiring for a number of important positions, all based in Nairobi:

Technology Strategy Lead – 5+ years of experience using technology to achieve business outcomes (maybe as a product manager in a tech startup, maybe as a tech consultant or maybe something else).

Marketing Lead – 3-7 years experience in marketing. Plus social media, PR and customer acquisition experience along with qualitative and quantitative research, managing external creative services, and partnership marketing.

Director of Programme Delivery – 8+ years experience leading high performance teams and businesses

Digital Learning Production Manager – 3-5 years of experience in project management, production or communications.

Operations Lead – 3+ years experience in office/financial management.

You can apply for all jobs at Spire’s Resumator.