Shared office spaces – where you pay per desk space – are an increasingly popular way of working. The concept started in Silicon Valley as a way of giving young tech companies, that didn’t yet have the cashflow to rent and kit out an office for themselves – but also needed somewhere to bring clients that wasn’t a coffee shop or their garage – a place to operate from. Today there are thousands of shared or Co-working spaces as they are known, around the world.

Of course the huge benefit of sharing a work space with companies is the support network and connections you build. Any entrepreneur in Nairobi can attest to the value of connections in business. Thus, co-working spaces are created to be much more than just a large space with a lot of desks and chairs. They are created with the vision of helping entrepreneurs connect and be creative.

Our first weekly co-working space feature – where we review other shared office spaces throughout the world – is all about those connections. Workbar – based in Boston, Massachusetts, has this to say: “Your best work requires a balance of concentration and the freedom to explore ideas with others — Workbar is that environment.”

Workbar’s Boston space is very compact so you are almost forced to get to know who you are working with. And when your membership list includes the likes of Facebook  and WordPress, then this can’t be a bad thing.

Overview – Workbar

Workbar is a network of shared co-working spaces and is made up of start-ups, creative entrepreneurs, independent professionals, free-lancers and enterprise teams. It offers a serene environment to interact with other like-minded professionals while giving all the amenities one needs to grow their business.


Location – Boston, Massachusetts

Price per desk – $350 (Full-time, basic membership)

Opening Times – Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, or 24 hours for members

Desk Spaces – 50

Event space? – Yes

Meeting Rooms? – 3

Free tea and coffee? – Yes (Plus snacks!)

Special Features:

The Outerspaces element – Workbar offers Outerspaces through which it connects startups with other larger companies who have extra office space and allows them to get desk space within their offices.

Membership also includes free office supplies and local beer on tap. What more could you want?

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