One of our joys as Nairobi Garage is seeing companies within our space grow. Refugees United (REFUNITE), one of the strong members of this family has just announced job openings. REFUNITE is a company that uses mobile technology to report, track, trace and reunite refugees with their loved ones.

Through a powerful platform that can allow access via text messaging, computers and telephones, REFUNITE has over 405,000 profiles of refugees and has witnessed heart-melting reunions through it. Its presence in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia, Jordan, Turkey, DRC, Philippines and Iraq signifies and compounds the need for such a platform to alleviate and heal the wounds of war and calamity.

The company is seeking 6 amazing team players to join the cause;

Data Communications Lead

The company is looking for someone who can effectively track global campaigns and give insights into how to improve data collection and access as the basis for reuniting families.

Call Centre Manager

As part of reuniting families REFUNITE takes calls of relatives either to add lost loved-ones to the profile or to enquire if one of their own has been listed. The organization is seeking a qualified and creative call centre professional to handle their system.

m-Health Lead

Being REFUNITES first venture outside of family tracking and tracing, the company is seeking to hire an individual who is passionate about health. The first phases will be research and testing of prototypes in Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee Camp. Collection of refugee health data and mapping to monitor disease spread will also be among tasks to be handled.

Project Manager (Middle East)

REFUNITE recently expanded into Jordan, Iraq and Turkey and in response to the refugee crisis in Syria, millions are displaced and families disconnected. The company has launched projects in these areas and is seeking an experienced Project Manager to handle them. The successful candidate will report to the Project Director based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Extensive travel is part of this opportunity.


Being an internet and mobile platform, skilled coders and techies form the most crucial team in REFUNITE. Without a user-friendly, effective and functional platform, refugees will remain just that. So if you trust your coding skills this is a huge opportunity for you to make a difference.

Data Scientist

Data us just data unless it is translated into and conforms to a clean and insightful format that will enable REFUNITE answer business and project development questions. The job requires high and unparalleled skills in data analysis and engineering.

If you’ve read this to the end, you are interested and are most likely qualified for one of the above positions. For more details on application requirements and procedure click here.

Best of luck!