Women are taking over in all areas of business and no other place is the impact felt more as in co-working. Co-working-where individuals share desk space-is evolving with women-only shared spaces increasing. Today on our co-working segment, we feature Posh co-Working based in Austin, Texas.

Posh is a cool, elegant and well-furnished space for women only and even its website is themed to portray that. The space has also partnered with fabulous working ladies to ensure members benefit from friendship and business (FAB).


Location-Austin, Texas

Access-Normal working hours for all members

Number of desks-20

Price per desk-$125 (Glitz-basic)

Meeting rooms-5 (3 small,1 large and a team room)





Posh has an ever growing list of powerful, empowered ladies and companies including;

Launch Media Strategies

Akula Kreative

Wedding Industry Rescue

Unique Features;

Being a women only co-working space, it was only reasonable to name the various membership categories as Glitz, Glimmer, Sparkle and Shine. Now, that’s cool and you won’t find it anywhere else.

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