This agreement essentially creates a network that connects three major hubs spanning three regions: Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, and Eastern Asia. The partnership between the two garages and Nest will give any member of Nairobi and Cape Town Garage a place to work from when visiting Hong Kong, in turn giving companies incubated at Nest access to our space and our sister space. This is a great chance for our startups to reach out to the Asian market and vice versa, since access to each other’s communities has been simplified and drop-in membership access is available at no extra cost as long as there is a 48-hour notice.

Aaron Fu, the Managing Partner for Nest in Africa made a statement about the fruitfulness of this friendship: “On one hand, we see startups from Africa with both the ambition and ability to scale globally and on the other, we see the potential for solutions developed by startups in Asia to deploy into Africa, this partnership allows us to leverage the resources of both organisations to create another piece towards an ecosystem which will facilitate the potential of both those trends.”