Nairobi Garage is home to amazing startups and entrepreneurs. As we interact and co-work, we realize that the most difficult thing is getting funding.

It is also hectic to get recognized or get that little press that will announce the arrival of your innovation to the region and the world.

What if you were to get this opportunity on a silver platter?

My African Startup which is an initiative of large African companies to promote innovation in the continent, is hosting the 2015 edition in conjunction with the African Development Bank.

My African Startup seeks to give startups and entrepreneurs a chance for their big break while promoting business in Africa.

This year’s event will be in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire on May 26th and 27th and will be covered in two sessions;

Day 1

Discussion to include;

-Mistakes to avoid

-Testimonials from successful startups

-The eco-system of startups in Africa

After this 30 entrepreneurs from Africa will each get 5 minutes on the stage to win the hearts of the media and potential investors as to why their innovation whether product or service is the next big thing.

Day 2

Discussion will be about “Finance your startup in Africa: how?”

10 finalist entrepreneurs will then get a chance to pitch their startups. This will be followed by awards by the GRAND JURY.

Lots of prizes will be dished out to encourage the startups to go on.

Kenyan entrepreneurs are encouraged to enter their startups for consideration. The application is FREE and My African Startups will select those to go to Abidjan with for the event.

So apply here and get in your A game for Abidjan!

Best of luck!