Intended to help newsrooms experiment with and adopt leapfrog digital technologies to improve their reach and sustainability

It’s always a proud day for the Garage and the team when one of the companies we host makes a significant achievement or embarks on a grand new venture, but it’s an even prouder day when the company in question is one of our longest standing members!

Code for Africa just launched a new 1 million dollar (YES, you read that right) fund called the innovateAFRICA fund, for digital innovation in African media. This fund is intended to help newsrooms experiment with and adopt leapfrog digital technologies to improve their reach and sustainability. We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling pretty inspired by all the clear and tangible progress Code for Africa has been making in their mission to give people new ways to amplify their voices.

They want to hear your disruptive digital ideas to improve the way that news is collected and disseminated, and are willing to invest in them. Applications opened on September 1st, so go ahead and prove your worth! Check out the fund’s website (linked above) for more detailed information about the prizes, rules, and judging process. The deadline for sending in your application is December 1st.

With this fund running alongside their already-existing impactAFRICA fund, it can’t be questioned that Code for Africa is doing wonders in providing capital to empower the citizens of the African continent digitally. Though this is of course their project, we can’t help but feel like the Nairobi Garage deserves some of the credit and bragging rights for having harbored, cared for, and provided a creative space to the Code for Africa guys during the course of these past few years! #winning

Keep it up C4A guys, the world is watching you.