Infinite Potentials Consulting, member of the Nairobi Garage, just opened an office in Kigali!Infinite Potentials Consulting (IPC), they’ve been delivering strategic planning and advisory services to different leading organizations for three years now, and are now stepping into the Rwandan market with the opening of their new office in Kigali! Each time a member expands to another country, we’re here wishing we could follow them. We haven’t made any plans to expand into another East-African country yet, but hey, as our members expand, so do our connections! That’s what co-working is all about.

IPC is a professional services consulting firm which partners with leading organizations in the corporate, civil-society and governmental sectors in Africa and works with them to realize their potential. Their core team and experts network has over 75 years of experience in Africa and around the world, delivering international-class consulting services using the continent’s brightest talent.

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