Nairobi Garage is a tight knit family and we love seeing each other’s companies grow.

Being a community-oriented co-working space, we have grown and attracted more companies within the space. This necessitated the construction of new enclosed office spaces which were taken up instantly.

Code for Africa and Moringa School who are treasured members of this community have since joining Nairobi Garage, continuously grown and have now taken up the new enclosed spaces.

This shows great stride on their part to offer their students and clients the best and also ensure they are happier and are certainly bound to come back.

These office spaces offer more privacy and are suitable if your company holds many meetings. Being coding geniuses, Moringa and Code for Africa are definitely now better suited to serve their clients without getting distracted by the awesomeness around them.

We are happy to note the progress and continue to wish Code for Africa and Moringa the very best!

Nairobi Garage also still has available Monthly Flex (Ksh. 15,000) and Monthly Fixed (Ksh. 20,000) spaces available. If you wish to join this amazing co-working community or are within the space and wish to upgrade, you are most welcome to contact us.