When embarking on the entrepreneurial journey the most difficult thing to do is to break away from the group. It can get lonely and frustrating.

Co-working-a method of working in which individuals from different fields share desk space-is one method of addressing this challenge. However, even when using this brilliant method it’s easy to get lost and still feel alone therefore building a sense of community in the co-working space is crucial.

This week in our co-working segment, we feature York Butter Factory (YBF) based in Melbourne, Australia.

YBF is as unique as its name. It was formed in 2011 to fill the emerging co-working space need in Melbourne. YBF has since grown to house 50 startups and about 100 individuals/freelancers.

This is an impressive number and with the company’s focus in creating more than a working space, they can only grow. This culture is being inculcated into the members through the simplest of means as even the kitchen and café areas are communal.

YBF is establishing itself as a leader in the co-working universe and comprises of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors as well as corporate partnerships. This makes it a co-working space with diverse skills and motivations all of which play a role in launching startups into success.

This great skill set is further topped up with partnerships with the likes of IBM and Amazon to ensure startups get the most out of the space.

YBF Features:
Location-Melbourne, Australia
Founded- 2011
Opening hours- 24 hours access to members
Number of desks- 150
Price per desk- $110 per desk for one day per week
Internet: 100mbps fibre connection
Meeting rooms- 5
Tea/Coffee- Yes
Lounge- Yes
Kitchen- Yes

Members include:
1. Adventure Capital
2. Innovid
3. Clipp

Unique Feature:
York butter Factory has Lunch & Learn as well as Show & Tell sessions. These are meant to foster interactions which further build and cement partnerships and business relationships.

YBF is truly a great place to incubate your ideas and is certainly bound to expand.

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