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Making your own path is always a struggle. There are numerous challenges and obstacles one has to navigate and especially when you know and desperately want to achieve your dream.

Co-working spaces-where individuals from different skill-sets share office space-are meant to bridge this gap and provide a smooth transition into entrepreneurship and freedom.

It however isn’t always the case as it’s easy to get lost even in the shared space thus the need for a strong team that respects privacy but allows interaction and spurs creativity.

This week on our co-work feature we look at Talent Garden Milan (TAG Milano) based in Milan, Italy.

TAG Milan was founded out of a necessity to create amazing working spaces that focus on mentorship and community, a place where members not only work but feel alive.

This has seen it grow and through partnerships with the likes of IBM and RedBull, only good things can come out of your business.


-Location- Milan, Italy

-Opening Hours-24/7 access for members

-Number of Desks-150

-Price per desk-135 Euros per month (basic membership)

-Meeting rooms-5




­Members include:

-Smoove Software

-East Media


Unique Feature:

At TAG Milan members get assistance with domiciliation if they are foreigners. Your company also gets a free dedicated VOIP phone line to ensure professionalism.

TAG Milan is certainly an awesome place to ignite the creativity needed and spur growth in your business.

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