The ever growing number of shared spaces has been attributed to the benefits of co-working and as the revolution goes on shared spaces are getting larger in physical size by the day. However, most people don’t realize that a smaller, homely co-working unit is graceful and often tight-knight.

This is compounded by the fact that, in as much as size may signify growth, value for what members get out of the space is what counts.

This week on our co-working segment, we feature CooksYard based in Stepney Green, East London.


Location- Stepney Green, East London


Number of desks-16

Price per desk-₤220 (monthly)

Meeting room-No





CooksYard which opened in April, 2015 was born following the success of Winkley Studios also in London. The space is currently growing and the prospects of the future look brighter than ever.

Current members include:



Keep LDN

Unique Feature

CooksYard is an amazingly small and functional co-working space. The entire operation is split on 2 rooms kitted-out with all the essentials you need to grow your startup. Aw, and they have a lovely fruit bowl that’s always topped up.

No one would pass up a chance to set out on the entrepreneurial journey from there.

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