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Co-Working was born out of a necessity to give creative’s, entrepreneurs, techies and freelancers a way to get out of their pajamas and also to keep away boredom as they set on a journey to save the world. Rumored to have started in 2005 by a company called Citizen Space, this method of sharing spaces has caught on and is quickly spreading around the world.

In keeping with the original idea, co-working spaces are about building strong bonds and are about empowering entrepreneurs to make the best out of their time and startups.

This week on our co-work segment we feature 90 Main Yard based in London. The company was founded on the basis of inspiring freelancers to actualize the dreams for their startups and has a strong emphasis on community bonds.

90 Main Yard has also partnered with among others the Loughborough University in London to give startups in the space an edge.



Access-24/7 for members

Number of desks-50

Price per desk-180 Euros per month(basic)

Meeting rooms-2





Annamal Productions

Music jelly


Unique features:

In keeping with a sense of community and building strong bonds, 90 Main Yard hosts a ‘bring and share breakfast’ event every Wednesday!

That will really get you building concrete networks crucial to your startup’s success.

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