Since people discovered the benefits of co-working, the concept spread like wildfire. From Europe to America, Asia to Africa; the revolution began and the world hasn’t seen anything yet.

Co-working spaces are not only growing in number but in size as well. In a world where everything from cameras to vehicles are getting smaller, to save space, co-working spaces are going against the grain.

This week on our co-working segment, we feature 1776, a 33,000 square foot co-working space in Washington DC. 1776 is not only a co-working space but a startup incubator and has partnered with among others; Microsoft and AT&T to ensure startups within their space have all they need in mentorship and support to scale.


Location-Washington DC, U.S.

Access-24/7 for members

No. of desks- (houses over 200 startups)

Price per desk-$150 (membership+limited workspace)





1776 houses over 200 startups some of them include:




Unique feature

1776 is a different co-working space in many ways, from incubation and mentorship to seed funding, it has established a name for itself not only in DC but globally. They even got to host OBAMA! The one thing that, however, stands out is the people. A large community of entrepreneurs is most certainly a guarantee of success for your startup.

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