Emerging markets are fertile ground for almost all business ideas; they hold huge untapped potential for launch and scaling, offering handsome return on investment.

Being a family of startups and techies, we are excited to welcome to our space a new tech startup, Branch.

Branch is the latest way to access credit in emerging markets via mobile. Through use of an app launched on Google Play in March of 2015, users are able to access short-term loans ranging from Ksh 2,000-Ksh 50,000.

The internet-powered lending app uses data science to determine the credit worthiness of a user before determining how much the user can access. This involves requiring users to register with their Facebook accounts. Users can also increase their credit limit by repaying loans on time.

Branch is also in the process of implementing a trust network feature which will see users add their friends to increase their credit limit.

According to Daniel Jung of Branch, the startup is growing and they have so far issued 4500 loans with the user number standing at around 2000 people.

Daniel also said that Branch is in talks with several credit reference bureaus’ to determine which to work with to discourage defaulters.

Considering it was launched in March, Branch has great potential to expand and is a great addition to the expanding Nairobi Garage family.