It’s that time of the month where we say “karibu!” to the Garage newbies.

Here are just a few of the new members that have joined us; we hope to help them grow as much as they help us grow.

First off, there’s New Venture Africa. Sometimes having an idea unfortunately isn’t enough to build a business, investment and capital are required! That’s precisely what the guys at New Venture Africa are here to help you with, making you more attractive to investors and connecting you to highly qualified business professionals from around the world.

Next, there’s GreenChar Solutions. They saw the need for a cheap and available fuel source in Africa where the use of fuel wood is widespread, causing respiratory diseases and filling cramped homes with dirt and soot. They hence came up with an ecological solution, the LongBurn briquette made from sustainable sugarcane waste. They’re a green company for humanity that everyone should applaud!

Last but not least, there’s Econet Media. Econet is a telecommunications group here to wow everyone as much with their work as with their dressing style! They just launched the Kwesé Free Sports channel which is free to air, bringing Kenyans one free live English Premier League match every Saturday. Much more content is to be launched by the channel, and we have a feeling they have quite a few surprises in store.

You’re welcome to come visit us anytime to meet the faces behind the Garage.