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After office hours has been a tradition at the Garage that’s been holding strong since the idea was first conceived two years ago. This event that now happens twice a month involves a speaker that’s an expert in a certain field coming to the Garage to share their wisdom with people (members and non-members) willing to learn, connect, and share. It’s an opportunity to network as well as to grow professionally and personally.

For our first AOH talk of September, we invited John Rowland over to talk to us about “how to build a financial model”, and there’s no better-qualified expert on the subject! John – currently consultant CFO for Bridge International Academies – has spent the last 9 years investing in private equity and venture capital, and running various growth funds worldwide. He is a direct deal expert – experienced in origination and analysis, negotiation, specialist structuring, financial modeling, deal project management and close, and investment management. That’s a mouthful of words all making one thing certain, John knows what he’s talking about!

The talk will be exceptionally useful if you wish to know how to read financial statements and understand in a layperson’s way what double-entry accounting is, so you can follow and question your month end reports from finance. It will take place on Thursday the 1st of September (6PM) at the Mirage. Make sure you bring your laptops! You’ll be using them during the session; John’s request. Snacks will be provided. Hope to see you there!

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