After Office Hours (AOH) is a bi-monthly business skill session hosted by someone awesome

For our second AOH this month, we’re bringing in an expert in all things related to investment banking and financial sector engagements! Terrence Adembesa, the Derivatives Market Director at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) will be coming in to give you the ins and outs of the stock market in Kenya.

The main talk will be about getting your business listed on the stock exchange. It won’t only be for those of you who have reached the stage where you’re ready to go public, but rather for those who have that as an aspiration! Do you want to know more about what can be done in the earlier stages of your business to make it ready for this? Ready to have your company go public? Come in and be given a how-to guide!

Depending on what you’d like to ask during the Q&A session, there’s more to learn! This session will also be informative on how the stock exchange can benefit your business, and more generally, on the structure of the financial market in Kenya. What are the functions and roles of the stock exchange? Who are its key players and participants? These are the sort of questions that you’ll be free to ask. By the time you leave, we know you’ll have gotten to know the exchange inside and out, as well as how one can plug into it as an entrepreneur or as an investor!

After Office Hours is a bi-monthly business skills session where we host someone awesome to share their knowledge with our members and non-members. This one will take place on Thursday the 27th of October (6PM) at our Ngong Road branch (Piedmont Plaza, same building as Brew Bistro). Snacks will be provided. Get your tickets here.

See you there!