As a startup one of the most difficult things is managing money. Not only is it scarce but understanding how it flows in and out of your business or whether you are turning a profit is a complete headache.

To add on to the problem, with little capital hiring an accountant is not possible. Your business needs all the capital input to take off and grow.

So what solution is there? Wave Accounting is a free online accounting software that you can access anywhere at any time. Wave allows you to not only track your income and expenditure but also separate personal and business expenses.

The software is also brilliant in analysis and helps you keep track of invoices while generating easily understandable reports. These come in handy when meeting investors or when applying for a loan to boost your business.

Wave also includes a ton of other cool features when you upgrade but as a starter it’s a great way to manage your finances and keep track of every penny. Its precious!

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