Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! This March we are celebrating women in entrepreneurship and innovation at the Nairobi Garage. It’s feminine fever season and this International Women’s month we want to share happiness and love within our community by acknowledging the power of women. Let’s all feel inspired this month by supporting the contributions of women in our community, the achievements they accomplished to make our world more brilliant, diverse, and beautiful as women are. We are bringing to you The Wing, a savvy and young club of professional women from the Big Apple.

the wing


Making an edge of their own, The Wing is an office space born out of the idea that women deserve a dynamic den to bring women together and make co-working easier. A home to girls with talent and passion, this New York office space offers a lounge for women to come together, throw ideas, build their business and feel pampered at the same time. It’s got room to accommodate sophistication and sisterhood, for every aspiring lady who 12-secondary-the-wing-4loves to work in the city and build her little empire. The Wing has become is a social club exclusively for women in New York to grow into community space for entrepreneurship, technology, innovation and business development. Co-founder Audrey Gelman got the idea originally from her own requirement to need a place to meet up between tones of meetings and appointments. With her own experience in work spaces quickly learned the office space environment was typically male dominated, and this took her to launch The Wing which would be a home base for female entrepreneurs in New York with a strong feminine spirit of diversity.

Unlike most office places with pumps for beer catering to majority of masculine clients, The Wing offers pumps for breast milk for working moms in their personalized private pump rooms. They also have a beauty room with a variety of different beauty care products, a warm library with books and fancy but cute furniture to go along their touch for a “women’s college” atmosphere. The baby pink accented office space and adorable furniture exfoliate the further feminine eccentrics necessary to create a palace for the girls to be. There a coven of quirky women who need an office space for convenience and comfort. The space also features an indoor café where women can find their favorite treats at their pleasure, right from the heart of Manhattan. For days of bad hair women can also walk into the part beauty salon feature of the office space and get them a blowout.



Co-Founder Lauren Kassan explains, “We want to create a very welcoming environment for women. Helping our members build real tangible relationships, develop collaborations from The Wing, making things come out of the office space that really wouldn’t otherwise. That is really special.” The Wing reminds us that fellowship with other women is can be a stimulated element of the work-force, where women can help each other, despite the fact that they are already very capable of going out and making it on their own. The Wing is a paradigm shift in co-working office spaces designed with women’s interests prioritized to lucrative benefit for both the individuals and community at large. The Wing plans on advancing women’s mission to equally participate in society, careers, individual lives where women can deserve a space with private membership.2016-10-25-2 the wing

The company target, is to make women’s professional clubs cool again where female camaraderie is the haute fashion and the talk of the town. This all female office space is leading the agenda in changing the dynamics of co-working spaces, and they want to lead with a feminine touch. This does not seem impossible for the six month old spirit of American women at The Wing. They are dreaming big to create a revolutionary league in co-space technology and entrepreneurship, and now it seems possible.

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So there you have it, a cool new office space dedicated all the way to celebrate womanhood from the Big Apple! Learn more here on cool startups stories at the Garage.