A friend in need is a friend in deed. This is a well-known saying globally which signifies hope in those you hold close to your heart. However it doesn’t always come true for most people as friends sometimes disappoint when you most need them. What follows after that is excuses of how they could not assist during your darkest moment.

So how does technology solve this?

M-Changa is a mobile fundraising platform that enables you to start, track and manage your fundraiser with ease.

Whether it’s a funeral, school fee or emergency fundraiser, M-Changa has got you covered on 5 fronts:

Mobile money-Kenya is number one in the mobile money market with Ksh. 7.3 billion being transacted daily. This means your friends can easily make their contributions from all over the world as M-Changa also accepts PayPal and even credit cards.

Unlimited contributors-M-Changa allows you to invite unlimited contributors to your fundraiser, including those from abroad, increasing the chances of hitting your targets.

Tracking-With M-Changa you can keep track of funds received on mobile or online. This implies there is no more writing of pledges on paper and cancelling out names when you receive a contribution.

Security-With your contributions on mobile, your money is secure. No risk of losing cash to muggers on your way from a fundraiser event. The service also allows you to choose up to 3 treasurers who are meant to authorize transactions, thereby, encouraging transparency.

Cost-Setting up an M-Changa account is free meaning you can do it anywhere, anytime. Your contributors also do not pay any fee for sending money to your M-Changa account.

With such kind of ease in operating your fundraiser, it takes one burden off your shoulders and helps you focus on the major need at hand. M-Changa has assisted many people raise school fees, fundraise for charity work among other needs.

To keep afloat, M-Changa charges Ksh. 2 per sms to invite contacts while reminding them to honor their pledges will also cost you Ksh. 2. To get a link to advertise your fundraiser online, M-Changa charges Ksh. 4o with Ksh. 100 being charged when withdrawing funds.

So next time you have a fundrising need, think M-CHANGA!

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