Education as they say is the key to the future. However Kenya’s future looks dim as millions lack even the most basic of education.

Schools are often far away and in most cases with dilapidated infrastructure and also unequipped to offer any meaningful education. This leaves many Kenyans without access to jobs and subsequently financial services leaving a huge dent in Kenya’s development and economic prospects.

So how can this challenge be addressed?

Eneza Education is leveraging on the much available and easy-to-use mobile platform to get educational material and information to both teachers and students in far off areas.

“Eneza” which in Swahili means “to spread” is keen on transforming the lives of children across the country thereby giving Kenya a better chance at economic and overall well-being.

The startup was founded by Toni, Kago and Chris who envision a well-educated and enlightened society.

Their platform allows schools and parent’s access to not only educational material but also great tips and information about their students to further better the child’s learning experience.

Eneza is accessible in Kenya by dialing *291# in even the most basic of phones and following the prompts. This is possible even in areas that don’t have internet access making it the most viable and efficient means of access to educational material.

In previously conducted surveys on its effectiveness, Eneza Education was found to increase by up to 80% the number of students who reported to study more because of Eneza. This signifies a huge success and shows the great potential for this platform to revolutionize learning in Kenya.

In a country ravaged by inter-clan cashes and conflicts this platform can allow users to study even while at home and enable teachers and parents monitor progress.

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