Africa’s story is well known globally when it comes to tech and innovation. The continent is only recently beginning to see change with the past decade seeing the highest recorded growth in internet access.

However the challenges posed by Africa’s lack of proper infrastructure like roads as well as the terrain have hampered access to reliable connection in far-off areas.

So how does Africa deal with this challenge?

BRCK, a hardware and cloud services technology platform is providing more than anyone could have imagined. The BRCK device and cloud service feature provide rugged and reliable connection even in the most demanding environments.

The device was designed right here in Nairobi and built in the United States and as far as innovation goes, it doesn’t get better than this.

BRCK gives the user 5 major advantages making it your go-to device when out and about.

These are:

Mobility-BRCK is simple, light and can be used with a 3G enabled sim card in over 140 countries. If you don’t have a sim card then BRCK has a vMNO for global connections. Also available is a GSM antenna port in case you are in extremely far off areas.

Versatility-The BRCK is extremely reliable and can survive drops, dust, unstable voltage charging, weather and almost anything you put it through.

Power- BRCK is built to survive no matter what. The design team worked on the system to ensure it can survive sudden voltage increase among other power related problems. The BRCK can also be comfortably charged from a solar panel, wall socket, car battery or computer.

Extendability-BRCK was designed to allow a user to add on their software. This means you have a device which you can write your own software for.

Cloud-The device is super easy to operate even when not within physical range. This is made possible by the cloud service that comes with the BRCK. You can see all of its stats and manage it all from your laptop when miles and miles away.

If this isn’t what will solve Africa’s internet connection problems, nothing will.

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