We are pleased welcome a group of novice members joining our office space. Pleased to announce Crowd source Africa as our latest Nairobi Garage members. They are now connecting the world with their technology right from our awesome office-spaces.  photoThey are a crowd sourcing company on a mission to brand Africa as a crowd sourcing destination all over the world. Crowd Source Africa gets large contracts from their global clients, breakdown the job into fragmented manageable tasks to a distributed group of people that work online from home. They also bring together a pool of virtual online human intelligence and scalable work force all over Africa to create a vast on demand pool of online workers that companies can tap into all over the world. Crowd Source Africa brings together international global online work from home opportunities to Africa’s skilled labor force. Nevertheless they also provide a platform for international clients all over the world to access a ready scalable and flexible standby workforce from all parts of Africa. If your dream is to be able to work from home, then Crowd Source Africa is the place to be.

mediosMedios a digital agency that offers digital marketing to video production, initially launched from a college campus where they successfully executed several campaigns.  They have a strong social media management service agenda and have provided several brands with competent visual presence online.

header for documentsMaverick Digital Limited, an IT company that helps businesses thrive through IT. Offers different solutions such as : Microsoft O365, VMWare, etc to their clients based in Nairobi. They also are currently developing a SaaS product to hopefully launch in the coming months. Maverick Digital provides several tools for all you information technology impediments at your office space through their broad spectrum interactive digital solutions.

Green Shoe Capital, that runs a financialsaida lending company SaidaThey provide mobile loans to low access point areas via M-Pesa app technologies. Everyday thousands of customers and companies need loans to help them grow and expand their businesses. Saida provides a cost-effective medium to source capital, where you may find financial support for further investments. Karibu Sana All! We’re glad to have you! Learn more here about startup stories at the Nairobi Garage :)