Everyday we are growing by new numbers and we are pleased to announce our new members in our co-working family this month!

We would like to give a warm welcome to Impact Water that recently joined us. Impact Water is a social enterprise which delivers safe drinking water to schools. They offer modern water purificatYSB_Uganda_Dec16-1269ion systems, preventive maintenance, and multi-year loans so that providing Kenyan students with safe drinking water is easier than ever. There goal is to see every student in Kenya with safe drinking water to achieve better health and better education.  They are one of the first drinking water solutions company to finance purification systems and allow schools to time their loan payments with the receipt of school’s fees. They are also leading the way to provide a preventive maintenance program included in every installation. Impact Water finances and installs modern water purification systems, with a strong focus on schools.

Beyond Capital, the impact investment fund that promotes economic development in impoverished communities through their investments. Their focus is in the water, waste and sanitation, healthcare, energy, and agriculture sectors in India and East Africa. By addressing the lack of seed capital for social businesses, they specialize in providing early-stage financial investment along with management assistance, mentoring and expert advisory services. With their rigorous investment process, their aim is to achieve sustainability and scaled social impact for businesses that operate for the advancement of the population at the base of the economic pyramid.

Fie-Consult is a strategy consulting and investment advisory firm that has set up shop in the heart of our office space! Fie-Consult is here to support your business and find innovative and sustainable solutions to your operational, organizational, marketing, finance & strategic planning challenges.Fie Consult is lead by a young vibrant team who are committed to developing innovative business solutions & sustainable strategies that enable your business to establish a competitive edge within your industry.

We also welcome to the Nairobi Garage family SunFunder! A solar finance business based in San Francisco and Tanzania with a mission to unlock capital for solar energy in emerging markets, where over 2.5 billion people live without access to reliable energy.Over the next decade, solar energy will leapfrog the electricity grid in developing countries much like cell phones leapfrogged landlines. SunFunder is dedicated to financing this emerging solar market transformation. SunFunder aggregate capital through the Solar Empowerment Fund, a private debt offering that gives Accredited Investors an opportunity to invest in a diversified, vetted and high-impact portfolio of off-grid and grid deficit solar projects. With this capital, they provide short-term inventory and project finance loans to leading solar energy companies to help them scale deployments of solar energy systems and catalyze growth in the sector. Karibu Sana SunFunder!

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