It’s always exciting for us at Nairobi Garage to welcome a new member to our space. We are delighted to announce the arrival of Kibarua Now to the family.

Kibarua Now is a service that connects individuals with professionals who can handle day to day tasks or repairs in their homes or offices.

Kibarua Now allows an individual to book online or call when in need of a fundi, cleaner or someone to do personal services such as ironing. Using mobile money transfer service MPESA a client pays for the service and a tasker is dispatched immediately to their location.

This is a unique service and it saves clients a lot of time and worry as all taskers are pre-back ground checked to ensure they are certified and can deliver. This includes interviewing their references as well as verifying their certificate of good conduct from the directorate of criminal investigations.

The service also saves you the client money as the prices are standardized thereby protecting you from over charging as is the case with most fundi’s while offering to re-do any unsatisfactory or botched tasks at no cost.

Kibarua Now is certainly an innovative startup and is bound to benefit from the awesome community that is Nairobi Garage.

We have also been joined by other great companies among them;


SWD is a digital marketing consultancy agency that specializes in offering digital solutions for companies. SWD has chosen Nairobi Garage as home as it seeks to change Nairobi’s perspective towards design and marketing. Being a collection of creative minds, SWD has a great home in the Nairobi garage community. We will certainly see tremendous growth fin SWD in days and months to come.


Oliza is a startup that is focused on making life for Kenyans and tourists easy by enabling them find local businesses and services. Oliza allows local businesses to register with them and when a client searches for the nearest business or service, they will be able to find you.

Oliza has made the right choice by joining Nairobi Garage as mentors and support mechanisms abound and we hop to see it grow exponentially.


WeFarm is a tech startup that leverages mobile technology to give farmers all the answers to their farming queries. Understanding that about 75% of the world’s population is still not connected to the internet, WeFarm uses the most basic of communication, mobile to change farming practices. Farmers all over the world develop coping mechanisms and actually innovate in response to challenges but this information rarely spreads due to lack of infrastructure and internet access. WeFarm was born out of the need to know how other farmers are addressing challenges, translating that through their unique peek translations system and relaying the response.

Being a tech startup, Wefarm is also a great addition to the Nairobi Garage family.