It’s been an interesting year so far for REFUNITE, a beloved garager.

REFUNITE provides a free family tracing and reconnection tool, especially tailored to help reunite people who were forcibly separated in the process of immigration to escape difficult conditions in their home country. They are a not for profit organization that believes that everybody has a right to know where their family is.

Displacement is a terrible thing that could happen to anyone. However, the current refugee crisis has scared many people from host countries.

To try raise awareness of the crisis, and to remind us that immigrants are people too, REFUNITE teamed up with ad agency LDC to create the #IMmigrant campaign.

The campaign is simple: it’s aim is to remind us that most of us are immigrants in one way or another. Most of us can trace our family history back to different countries. If we all realize that, then it’s easier for us to show compassion for forcibly displaced people. Because at the end of the day, we’re all from everywhere.

So far, over 28,000 people have signed up, including Barcelona’s Neymar.


It is easy to create your #IMmigrant poster, just click on this link to join up. Let’s show some love and be proud of our history, people!


REFUNITE has also partnered with Facebook’s Free Basics. The exciting partnership, still in its early stages, is allowing people from the Middle East and Africa free access to Though the use of the internet is increasing even in hard to reach areas, many forcibly displaced people have limited access.

By working with Facebook, REFUNITE has expanded its reach much faster, and is reconnecting more families than ever before.

Read  more about the partnership on the REFUNITE blog.