Education is a fundamental human right. To get a decent education and subsequently a job is the dream of every parent. However, this proves elusive to millions of children across the globe owing to high costs and also lack of schools.

So how can children without access to good schools get to learn reading and arithmetic?

XPRIZE Foundation, has launched the Global Learning XPRIZE, a $15 million open source android competition. The challenge seeks to give teams a chance to develop scalable software that can enable the learning of reading, writing and arithmetic in just 18 months!

Teams that have registered for the Global Learning XPRIZE will have 18 months to develop their software. These will then be judged by a panel who will select five finalists.

The five will then have their software tested on 4000 children in Sub-Saharan Africa for a further 18 months to ascertain the software’s effectiveness.

In determining the winner, judges will uses International Standardized test scores.

This is certainly a great mass illiteracy eradication program and will empower communities, countries and eventually the world.

Ready for the challenge?

Deadline for registration is April 30, 2015.

Get more details and also the application form here.