It’s been around a month since Fuzu joined us at Nairobi Garage. It’s been a busy month at their side of the office, but they’ve made it and as of September 17th Fuzu is officially live in Kenya. Congrats guys!




Fuzu, a Kiswahili verb meaning ‘to succeed’ and ‘to become competent’, is a one-stop career development service that allows job seekers, irrespective of their level of education and seniority, to dream and plan their future, to learn new skills and competencies and ultimately to find a job that best matches their profile. A service that continuously encourages and guides job seekers to the right direction.

For employers Fuzu provides a set of tools for identifying best matching candidates via powerful search and recruitment solutions and automated analysis of CV’s. The platform integrates online psychometric testing and talent profiling of candidates to the application process, thus making it easy to find candidates that best match with the requirements.

Fuzu is a mobile friendly service that can be accessed with all devices, from low-end handsets to smartphones, tablets and PC’s, via an Internet browser, and allows users to learn about different career options. Additionally, users will have access to more than 100 courses in various competence areas from basic work skills to topics such as entrepreneurship among others.

They have partnered with the global consulting firm Accenture, which will provide more than 50 free high quality courses to learners who want to develop their skills and competencies. Also, in order to maximize the impact of Fuzu and to scale up the service rapidly, Fuzu has received support from The Rockefeller Foundation’s Digital Jobs Africa Initiative.

Fuzu has set as its goal to become the leading pan-African career platform. “Our ambition is to revolutionize how job markets operate and how people build careers. This is just the first step of many to follow. We want to be known as the go-to platform for professionals, irrespective of their level of seniority or educational background.”, concludes Robert Kimani, President of Business Development, East Africa at Fuzu Limited.