Families are built on bonds and communities thrive on them too. These grow stronger with each day and breaking them becomes impossible.

At Nairobi Garage we have a strong sense of community and very supportive members and its always sad to let go of one of our own.

Futaa, a sports news company, has left the space after being with us since their inception in 2011.

Futaa is a growing football site in Kenya and Nigeria posting an average of 50 stories per day in Kenya alone and with more than 1.7 million page views per month. These cover football action from the Kenya Premier League to International leagues.

The company was recognized with the Kenya Football League Chairman Award for efforts in promoting local football.

As is normal with entrepreneurship however, it’s never an easy ride and many challenges occur. What matters however is how you handle them and get going again.

Futaa.com decided to make a bold move in order to cut costs as they continue building the company.

We wish Futaa the very best and they will be dearly missed at Nairobi Garage.