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The Workshop // AI for Healthcare in Africa by AfricaScan

April 29, 2021 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am

The Workshop // AI for Healthcare in Africa by AfricaScan
Join a webinar hosted by AfricaScan, discussing the Real-Life Application of Machine Learning by Healthcare Companies in Japan: What can Africa learn from Japan?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been used in recent years in the medical field as a diagnostic aid in X-ray and natural language processing for recording interviews between patients and doctors.

Organizations like AfricaScan are contributing to preventive medicine by using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to determine the appropriate timing of messaging to encourage people to change their behavior in order to receive a cancer diagnosis.

In the last two decades, a variety of different ML techniques and feature selection algorithms have been widely applied to disease prognosis and prediction. The success of a disease prognosis is undoubtedly dependent on the quality of a medical diagnosis; however, a prognostic prediction should consider more than a simple diagnostic decision.

ML algorithms can integrate data from heterogeneous sources for the detection of tumors as well as for the prediction/prognosis of a cancer type. Additionally, when testing a patient for cancer, a pathologist would want the highest quality results he can possibly get. A machine learning algorithm can review the pathology slides and assist the pathologist with a diagnosis.

The Workshop will involve presentations by healthcare start-ups from Japan on various topics touching on the following discussion points:

  • What is Machine Learning (ML)?
  • Why does the world need Machine Learning today and in the future?
  • Examples of healthcare companies utilizing Machine Learning in Japan:
    • LEBER Inc (Healthcare Application)
    • CancerScan Inc (Primary Healthcare Service Provider)
  • Are African countries ready for Machine Learning? What can they borrow from Japan?
  • Machine Learning career opportunities for African students and professionals.
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The Workshop // Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Healthcare in Africa 
Speakers // Kenta Hara & Taga Sena
Date // Thursday 29th April 2021
Time //  9.30 am - 11:00 am (EAT)
Location // Online
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About the Speakers 

Kenta Hara is the General Manager at AfricaScan Inc a Japanese social marketing company. Africascan Inc’s objective is to solve medical problems and promote health in Kenya and East Africa. He is also the Overseas Unit Leader for CancerScan Inc.

After graduating from the Tokyo University of Agriculture Master’s program (International Agricultural Development), he worked as an assistant at the same university. In 2014, as a JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteer, he was assigned to a project dealing with health promotion through vegetables in the independence of Samoa.

After returning to Japan, Kenta engaged in intellectual property management, new business development, and project management at Ritsumeikan University as a university research administrator (URA).

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Taga Sena is the Public Health Room Manager at LEBER Inc.  After participating in water resource development projects in Tunisia, Uganda, and South Sudan, he pursued a medical career in the wake of his father’s cancer.

He also provides infectious disease control tools to the board of education organizations throughout Japan while promoting projects with the government and local governments at LEBER Co. Ltd.

About AfricaScan

AfricaScan Inc, a subsidiary of Cancer Scan Co. Ltd. – Tokyo, Japan, is a company that was established in Kenya in the year 2014 with the vision of creating a healthier future for Africa by bringing best practices from Japan. The company offers life-changing preventive healthcare services in Kenya through various channels and science-based theory and technology.

It has the following products under its portfolio: SIMWAY app (a mobile application for promoting healthy behavioral changes), MedicScan Africa (an online platform for provision of continuing medical education to healthcare professionals in Kenya), and MedicScan Engineering School (an online school for training website, healthcare, and machine learning engineers).

AfricaScan Inc in collaboration with Dive Into Code Japan is planning to launch an online programming school in Kenya in May 2021 to teach Website Engineering and Machine Learning courses. The curriculum has been developed in Japan and certified by the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry as well as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Dive into Code (DIC) Japan works under the vision of “creating a place where people who challenge themselves to become professional engineers can seize their opportunities,” They operate with an IT engineer training school for people who aim to find employment as web/machine learning engineers. Offering courses for web engineers and machine learning engineers.

LEBER Inc Profile

LEBER was born in January 2018 as an application to protect lives and the name was derived from the German word “LEBEN: life”. Although this service is telemedicine, its mission is to “connect people to people with a sense of trust,” which not only heals patients’ illnesses but also contributes to reducing overwork for doctors. Telemedicine is not a panacea and can never be as good as face-to-face medical care.

However, in order to provide adequate medical care to patients who are truly seriously injured or critically ill, this app supports self-care and self-medication for healthy and mildly ill patients. LEBER strongly hopes that patients who are suffering right now will use this app to reduce their anxiety and alleviate their symptoms.

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The Workshop // Artificial intelligence (AI) for Healthcare in Africa 
Speakers // Kenta Hara & Taga Sena
Date // Thursday 29th April 2021
Time //  9.30 am - 11:00 am (EAT)
Platform // Online
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