New companies that joined the Nairobi Garage, the largest co-working space in Africa

We’ve heard it all before, new years, new beginnings, all that jazz. But, there is a true power to the new year. Whether we’ve been conditioned to think of it this way or not, the symbolic value that entering a new year can hold is often great, and we’ll be sharing that with our last few new arrivals of 2016!

Here are two of them. One company from Ngong Rd, one company from Westlands, just like last time. Let’s give them, along with the rest of those who embarked on the Garage ship, a big “karibu sana!”

Trama TecnoAmbiental (TTA): We have a Spanish company within our midst, within Ngong Rd’s midst more specifically. Based in Barcelona, TTA has been a leader in the application and development of renewable energies for 20 years now. One of the things they’ve come to Kenya to do is electrify (both with their bedazzling Spanish charm as well as with actual electricity) rural communities with solar energy systems, among other things. If you come into the space with a warm and inviting smile, then you’re cool in our books, and the duo from TTA fit in very well from the very start because of this!

Zebra Jobs: Here’s an African company that just took up some fixed desks at our Westlands space. is an online job site catering to top professionals looking for the highest-paying jobs in Africa. Yet another great company connecting employees to potential employers, much like Fuzu, another member company of ours. Just recently they launched the first online job fair in Kenya, which aims to diminish the gap between the supply and the local demand for high-level candidates, all done with a modern touch! An example of this is how they put prospective employees and employers face-to-face in online chats! Sounds efficient, doesn’t it? This online job fair gave a whole new perspective on how recruitment can go on in Kenya.

Both of them are strong in their fields, and both are shaking them up. Stay tuned to see which new members we’ll see in January this year! If you join us and mention that you read this article, the next featured member will be you!