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One big step for one of our members, one more thing the Garagers can brag about! Our friends at Data Fintech have made their first step beyond Africa and into other markets thanks to a new partnership with SODEXO Israel, an electronic meal voucher issuer and subsidiary of SODEXO, for whom Data Fintech will be providing consumer scoring and predictive model services.

Through this partnership, SODEXO Israel aims to: identify consumer behavior trend, increase consumer transactions, and improve consumer engagement.

It’s getting hard to keep up with all of Data Fintech’s new developments and all the deals they are sealing, which is why they’ve had a spot in three NG newsletters in a row now! Keep the news coming Data Fintech, we’re happy to spread the word about our members’ success.

What is it exactly that Data Fintech deals with, you may ask? They sift through the data you have that you thought was useless, and turn it into a gold mine!