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Sharing space is increasingly becoming popular and as in any advancement whether technological or otherwise, going green is the in-thing.

It’s ok to create and innovate and take humanity to the next age in technology but doing it in a responsible way that’s ecologically sustainable is important. There is no need of having cool companies when we don’t leave room for posterity.

This week on our co-working feature, we look at The Forge based in Sudbury, Ontario. The shared space was founded by reThinkGreen, a non-profit campaign on environmental conservation.

The Forge is a member of among others Green Communities Canada and Sustainability Co-Lab to give emphasis to the cause.


Location-Sudbury Ontario, Canada

Access-24/7 for permanent members

Number of desks-25

Price per desk-$20 per day (drop-in/basic)

Meeting rooms-1





Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Planet Earth Organic Landscaping

Canada World Youth

Unique Feature:

The forge has membership to the co-working visa. So if you are away from the Forge, you can choose another co-working space in a certain area of Canada and work for free.

This means no matter where you are your business is running. Every entrepreneur needs that!

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