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Being an entrepreneur and trying to make it on your own can feel lonely. That’s why the gods gave us co-working. This is a form of working where you share space with other people from different professions. Co-Working spaces are therefore founded on community and team building which spurs creativity and gives your startup the much needed exponential growth and as we shared with you earlier, you will always benefit from co-working.

This week on our co-working segment, we feature Tahoe Mountain Lab, based in South Lake Tahoe, California.

Tahoe Mountain Lab is one seriously cool space with a vibrant community and amazing activities to energize and bring out the best in your company.


Location- South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Access-24/7 for full-time members

Number of desks-30

Price per desk-$150 per month (Part-time)

Meeting rooms-1


Free Tea/Coffee-Yes



Members are the reason for co-working and without them there is no community. Tahoe Mountain Lab’s members include;

-Tahoe Creative Solutions

-Sage Engineers


Unique Features:

As a community oriented space, Tahoe Mountain Lab is keen to ensure you and your employees remain productive. They therefore have provisions for paid company retreats around Lake Tahoe as well as tailored labs which could include zip lining, skiing, snowboarding and many more. These retreats ensure your employees (and you of course) are in the right frame of mind to achieve set goals.

Remember to check in with us every week for more amazing co-working spaces.