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One of the hustles as an entrepreneur is to get a good space as well as community to enable you build your startup. These challenges combined with costs and other overheads further complicate the story.

So co-working-where individuals from different professions share a space-was born.

Co-working ensures you get cheap space to operate; amazing people to interact with and a place to relax and re-ignite your creativity.

This week on our co-working segment, we feature Hub Sydney, based in Darlinghurst, Australia. Hub Sydney has partnered with among others, Microsoft BizSpark to give startups within the space the much needed support and visibility.


Location-Darlinghurst, Australia


Number of desks-100

Price per desk-$250 (casual membership)

Meeting rooms-10

Internet-100mbps Fibre connection



Kitchen-Fully equipped


Hub Sydney is growing fast and has managed to create a name for itself in Australia attracting members such as;



Unique feature;

Hub Sydney being a space for creative minds and great innovators, providing a place to take a nap while at work was necessary. YES! You can actually take a nap during the day to revitalize your mind and re-ignite creativity.

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