Co-working, where people share an office despite being in different professions- is founded on community and compounded by the fact that two heads are better than one and to walk far one needs to go with someone.

Shares spaces are ever gaining popularity and most people have realized that they can kill two birds with one stone; provide amazing shared space and make money out of it. However, some are not about the money but community itself.

This week on our co-work segment we feature, Fishburners based in Sydney, Australia.

Fishburners is unique in that it’s a non-profit co working space with an ever growing number of companies and individual members in the space numbering more than 100 so far.

The space has partnered with Google for Entrepreneurs and PWC Australia to ensure members get quality service and turn a profit.


Location-Sydney, Australia

Access-24/7 for members

Number of desks-200

Price per desk-($40 per day-basic)

Meeting rooms-2








Unique features;

Being a community driven co-working space, Fishburners goes an extra mile by ensuring there is a shower facility as well as free premium beer for the members.

Not sure who wouldn’t like that.

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