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Co-working spaces are increasingly becoming popular not only in Kenya but around the world. This method of working involves hiring out office space next to other brilliant professionals working in different fields. Shared offices inspire creativity and allow networking which is crucial for startup companies.

Sharing office space also allows for better networking and this imparts positively on any business.

This approach has gone viral and many co-working spaces are being designed and rented out in Europe.

This week on our co-working segment we feature Betahaus, a company started in 2009 with the vision of revolutionizing work in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin is a metropolitan city with diverse cultures represented. This reflects in their space and further encourages creativity and multi-cultural support.


Betahaus is a co-working space with locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona and Sofia. It prides itself in being able offer space while offering an enabling creative environment to share ideas and build empires.


Location-Berlin, Germany

Price per desk- 89 Euros per month (basic)

Access- Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, or 24 hours for members

Desks- 40

Event space- Yes

Meeting rooms- 4

Special Features: lab- The lab is a fully equipped testing space that enables startups to put their prototypes through the paces in a professional environment.

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