She Leads Africa was here with us just the other weekend. Have you heard about this amazing community of African women working together to achieve their professional goals? She Leads Africa is the #1 destination for the young, smart and ambitious woman – they’re behind SheHive - a very cool & inspiring professional boot camp, training women to sharpen their business skills.

They have a more than impressive network of African experts, practitioners, mentors, advisors and investors – who get to interact and share their stories & insights with all the beautiful ladies who attend.

For SheHive Nairobi – Bob Collymore was one of the speakers. Raised by as superstar single mum – he loves women. And is committed to do everything he can to create a corporate environment that builds, not breaks women. He made sure that Safaricom offices are fitted with well-equipped creches, so mummies don’t have to worry about breastfeeding when back at work. All Safaricom shops also have nursing stations – because Bob Collymore thought it was ridiculous nursing mothers have to go to the bathroom to pump.

Aside from women, he believes ‘diversity’ should cut across the board. For his company, he’s working on implementing inclusive policies for all the marginalized – people with disabilities, the youth, the LGBTQ community, etc.

To say that it was an inspiring event would be an understatement.

If you couldn’t make it for SheHive, I’m sorry, but you really missed out! Make sure you catch the next one – and you’ll hear about it first right here.