Things in our lives can change from one second to another, things that can make you re-contemplate whether the place you’re living in is still the place for you. These things can be related to politics, family, the economy, life can be so unpredictable at times. Well, if ever circumstances make you consider settling back in Kenya, and you start searching for an office for rent to let in Nairobi (which might be why you’re reading this post now), then consider us!

Our co-working space might be just what you need, a cheap serviced and shared office space solution where you can come in, sit at your desk, without any office management or logistic issues to worry about.

With office spaces in both Westlands and Ngong Road, open 24/7, you’ll have the flexibility to work whenever and however much you’d like!

You can get your plug-and-play office desk right here in just 5 minutes.