Just as it pains to lose a close member of your family, we at Nairobi garage are sad to say goodbye to Aldeamo.

Aldeamo is coined from Aldea Movil which in Spanish means mobile village and is a mobile marketing platform.

The company was founded with a view to enable corporates and organizations better connect with their clients and target audiences.

Through a USSD, SAT, SMS and Internet mobile platform, Aldeamo gives clients the peace of mind in knowing their target audience is just a click away.

The company has grown to epic proportions and has offices in the vast South American region through to Kenya and the UAE as well.

In its quest to connect clients with their targeted audiences, Aldeamo has partnered with over 25 mobile operators worldwide.

This amazing team has been with us for a year and has been instrumental in building the sense of community currently present and definitive of Nairobi Garage today. They will certainly be missed.

Adios Aldeamo!