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Transform Tourism // Being Resilient & Sustainable in 2021

March 18, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Transform Tourism // Building Resilience Post-Pandemic
Transform Tourism // Being Resilient & Sustainable in 2021

The 2020 Pandemic took the whole world by a storm the better part of last year. One of the sectors that were widely affected was the tourism sector. This happened at a time when the sector was doing so well, given that statistics show a record of about 1.5 billion tourists traveling internationally in 2019.

The pandemic saw a heightened uncertainty in the sector as travel restrictions were introduced. In Fact, The United Nations World Tourism Organization estimated that global international tourist arrivals might have decreased by 58% to 78% in 2020, leading to a potential loss of US$0.9–1.2 trillion in international tourism receipts.

Apart from that, businesses in the sector were forced to either shut down completely or restructure to stay afloat, not forgetting the whole issue around Climate change and global warming that is also eating into the industry.

As the industry slowly picks up, we sought out to understand the aftermath effects and measures policymakers in the space are putting up to ensure the industry returns to its past glory.

Join us for a webinar with Angela Njehia, Director and Co-founder of Tierranjani Africa, a Sustainable Tourism Development firm that focuses on building capacity for tourism and travel-related organizations, tourism associations, destinations, conservation organizations, community-based tourism organizations, and local governments, on Thursday 18th March 2021 from 11:00 am as we look into the tourism sector, the impact the pandemic has had on the sector and how organizations have navigated through the season.

During the webinar, Angela will also highlight examples of how they are aligning recovery plans and investments with a transition that meets the objectives of health and safety, sustainability, climate action, and biodiversity protection. 

On top of it, we will cover topics around the importance of policy coherence and public-private partnerships, as well as innovation through digital transformation. Many solutions currently available and can be efficiently used through close collaboration and coordination among destinations, businesses, the local communities, visitors, policymakers, as well as investors.  

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When: Thursday, 18th March
Time: 11:00 am - 1:00pm
Location: Online
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About Angela

Angela Njehia is the Director and Co-founder of Tierranjani Africa. She has over 12 years’ experience in sustainable tourism operations, working in Nairobi, Kenya.

Her expertise is in sustainable tourism, product development, business strategies, and marketing. Over the past 12+ years, Angela has worked with top development agencies such as CBI Netherlands in Ethiopia, executing a sustainability program for Tour Operators, through developing and implementing sustainability training, coaching, and developing a sustainability network.

She has worked with the International Trade Center (ITC) in Kenya, Ghana, and in The Gambia on two projects; the SheTrades Commonwealth Project (Kenya and Ghana) and the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) in The Gambia, both focused on Female and Youth entrepreneurship and employment, for the tourism and creative industries sectors.

Some of the big wins in this project are the contribution to ITC’s SheTrades COVID-19 Crisis Management Toolkit for which Angela put together the Tourism Sector training, coaching, and resources for the Crisis Toolkit. Refer to SheTrades for reference.

With ITC YEP Gambia she has concentrated on fusing synergies for both Tourism and Creative Industries through sustainability training and coaching, as well as giving technical support in the tourism post-COVID-19 recovery and restart policies and strategies, including developing a Marketing Strategy for The Gambia.

Over the years, Angela worked with one of the leading tour operators in sustainability in Kenya, guiding the company through Travelife certification and working in all areas of tour operations. As part of her role, Angela has been also working extensively with tour operators, accommodations, destinations, local airlines, and other stakeholders in the African region thus is well acquainted with Sustainability Reporting.

Angela is also a Travelife Sustainability coach and auditor with the Green Tour project (EU). She has been a key guest speaker in different platforms such as the SWITCH Africa Green project (EU), Uganda National Tourism Expo POATE (UTB), The Global MICE, and the Sustainable Tourism Africa Summit to name a few. 

Angela has a wealth of experience in selling and marketing destination Kenya globally, especially using sustainability as a key pillar in destination and product promotion. Through her work developments in promoting tourism, she has wide experience in market research especially in understanding consumer trends and behaviors, destination attractiveness, and product sustainability impact by the tourism value chain.

About Tierranjani Africa

Tierranjani Africa is a Sustainable Tourism Development firm that focuses on building capacity through training, developing strategies and policies for tourism-related organizations, tourism associations, destinations, conservancies, wildlife, and protected areas, community-based tourism organizations, local and regional governments.

The organization was founded by Ms. Angela Njehia and Ms. Barbara Schott with the objective of using sustainable tourism in Africa as a pillar for sustainable development.

Our services aim to deliver innovative and sustainable tourism solutions and approaches that can be adapted to future-proof our ecosystems, tourism businesses, and destinations whilst contributing to Sustainable Development in Africa.

Tierranjani’s team comprises top-level tourism and travel specialists who have a wealth of experience in tourism development, ecosystem management, and tourism operations in the African and international context.

We are conversant with different scopes and different angles of factors that contribute to Sustainable Growth, through efficient management of natural resources with the aim to impact positively on our protected areas both wildlife and marine, as well as in the local community hosts.

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