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Ugogo: Creating A Platform For Artists

Ugogo: Creating A Platform For Artists Founded by Lisa Armstrong, Ugogo Africa is a company that aims to provide local artists with a platform where they can sell their goods online without difficulty. Lisa grew up in Zimbabwe where she watched her grandmother make and sell her crafts to the locals. There were however many…

Empowering Generation Z through technology

Empowering Generation Z through technology Ben Roberts, Liquid Telecom’s Group CTIO, explains how access to technology can inspire a new generation of African techies. The future of Africa belongs to Generation Z. As the world’s youngest region, approximately 20% of Africa’s population is currently aged between 15 and 24. But the hope and promise of…


Denmark launches TechVelopment advisor in Nairobi

The TechVelopment Advisor was launched on 5 March 2018, in conjunction with the Development Minister’s meeting with young entrepreneurs in the tech area in Nairobi, Kenya. Technology and digitalisation, as we already know, not only enhances lives but also gives new opportunities for job creation and business growth.  This industry also presents new innovative ways…

Linda Davis

Zoom In On Linda Davis

Limited energy access at the household level of many homes and its associated impact on health, livelihoods, and economics falls squarely on the shoulders of women, who primarily bear responsibility for cooking, lighting, and heating in their households. It is for this reason that women need to be more involved in decision making across the…


Bitsoko Revolutionizing The Crowd Funding Concept through Blockchain

Through the use of blockchain technology, Bitsoko has managed to emerge as one of the companies that has been able to successfully create products and services that help traders and buyers bridge the economic gap by coming up with new and innovative solutions to problems in the trade industry.

The Nairobi Garage held a MEET session on the 12th of February, 2018, that saw the company’s COO, Frank Deya, expound on why Bitsoko is the next company to watch out for when it comes to blockchain technology.