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Demystifying COVID-19: What you need to know about this Global Pandemic

March 19, 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Over the past few weeks, an increasing number of countries across the world have struggled to contain the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

Since the outbreak began, there have been over 100,000 confirmed cases of the virus reported in over 100 countries — and that number will inevitably continue to rise.

Kenya reported their first case on Friday 13th March and on the same day WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. The effect of the outbreak is clear as even more and more sectors of the economy get affected and more countries go on lockdown and the cases soar.

As the world grapples with the virus and researchers try to find a solution to this, we only hope that the situation will be shortlived.

Since it was discovered a lot has been said, from myths to facts and the impact of COVID-19.But just how bad is the situation? Why are the protective measures issued by WHO important to you and your loved ones and just what exactly is COVID-19?

To understand this, join us for a virtual workshop on our Facebook Page here around demystifying novel Coronavirus on Thursday, 19th March 2020 from 3 pm with Jason Louis, CEO and Co-founder of TIBU Health.

During the session, Jason will:

  1. Introduce TIBU and what they do
  2. Discuss COVID-19 in detail and help you understand;
    • What it is,
    • How to protect yourself
    • The do and donts
    • How to self-quarantine
    • What you do and where to go if you suspect you have been exposed or are  developing symptoms

You do not want to miss out on this. RSVP your attendance here!

Jason will be joined by Dr Meimuna Adan, MB ChB who is a Medical Advisor with10+ years of clinical practice in Kenya Sub-specializing in Ear, Nose and Throat diseases.

Dr Meimuna pioneered gender based-violence initiatives in Kenya and led medical camps for rural and remote populations. She is also an active researcher in otolaryngology

About the speaker 

Jason is a former Programme Management Officer with the World Health Organisation, now turned health-tech entrepreneur in Kenya. Prior to co-founding TIBU, Jason worked on several outbreaks with WHO over the course of a 5-year period. This included responding to two Ebola outbreaks, Cholera, Polio and building management/operational capacity across Africa.

Most recently, he was based out of the Democratic Republic of Congo for two years and responding to a number of health emergencies there. Jason is trained in public health and epidemiology from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia.

About TIBU

TIBU was first conceived in 2017 to create business opportunities for the vast number of under/unemployed healthcare workers in Kenya. There are equally several healthcare accessibility challenges for the general population we believe our decentralized model addresses.

Our primary platform is two mobile applications that patients can use to request a registered and licensed healthcare worker on demand. To complement this, TIBU has developed a patent-pending health kit which is a carbon copy of the tools and equipment found in outpatient healthcare facilities, including laboratory and phlebotomy capabilities. To this end, TIBU has currently partnered with a Category F (one of only two) research lab in Nairobi to ensure we adhere to the highest possible standards in terms of diagnostic investigations. Our technology equally put the patient in complete control of their health data. Having health records in someone’s pocket and securely encrypted in another first and a very powerful follow-up and diagnostic tool for attending physicians.

We are equally blessed with an extremely talented and globally acclaimed team and board of advisors. Their details and Linkedin Profile can be found on the team page of our website.



In light of ongoing developments resulting from the announcement of an active COVID 19 (New Corona Virus) case in the country, and the directive from the Ministry of Health that among other things, a ban on public gatherings and major public events, we have changed most our events to virtual, during this period. Stay up to date and sign-up for these events here.