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Workshop // Navigating the Investment Maze

July 19, 2022 @ 10:00 am

creating successful investment plan

Workshop // Keys to Creating Successful Investment Plan for Personal and Business Growth

Recession? Inflation? Depression?

Those are terms we have seen being thrown around. And it seems like chicken little is literally crying as the sky is falling. In the US, the inflation rate moved to 8.6% in May 2022. 

The highest it has been since August 1981, I know, I know, some of us were not even born then. 

Money is considered a sensitive topic and for most, it is spoken in hushed tones. And yet, money is a medium of exchange and we use it every day. It represents value. The phone cost $350 or KES 35,000.

Then the two main questions become, how do we make money work for us? How do we make better money decisions early to save ourselves from a series of financial heartbreaks?

With such craziness happening in the global financial sector, we still have to make great money decisions. The money decisions we are making affect our ecosystem. We have to pay our bills at home, pay our employees, keep the lights on and meet our shareholders’/investor obligations and have fun, enjoying ourselves all the while. 

Our choices have to be curated towards keeping and growing our monetary value. Investment though comes with a whole lot of pitfalls and shortcomings. We all have a story or two of an investment plan that didn´t work. 

The investment landscape is quite interesting. We have a whole range of options, it is like a supermarket, from shares, bonds, real estate, the works including REITs, crypto, and managed futures. Truly there are as many options as there are needs.

Our main aim is to help you navigate the choppy waters, and the options available and give you a compass, as to where, and how to ensure you keep to your true north. Your investment road map should be guided by the current market and future considerations. 

We have many voices speaking and pulling us in many directions, yet investment needs to be done with facts and figures, devoid of emotions, focused on growth.  Investments that make you an income must be well researched, and curated, and must protect the initial capital. This means making very conscious decisions on where and how to invest.

Are you curious about how to build your investment road plan, join Alex Rurii, a seasoned financial expert, and CEO of Moran Capital Management for a workshop on solutions to building an investment plan? 

Through this workshop the participants will be able to get a bird´s eye view of investments, what to look out for when choosing an investment vehicle, how to plan ahead, adjusting for currency volatility, in order to produce better results in the market. 

At the end of the session participants will be able to understand:

  • History and Investment life Cycle 
  • What is an investment? Investment options and their definitions
  • Investment Diversification
  • Why does it matter? Which vehicles do I use?
  • What steps can I take to make my investment decisions sound and profitable?
  • Where do I begin? 

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When: Tues, 19th July
Time: 10am- 11am
RSVP: Livestorm

About the speaker

Alex Mungai Rurii is a high-impact Business Consultant with a strong ability to identify initiatives and facilitate action-driven plans to support corporate growth and objectives. 

He is currently the CEO of Moran Capital Management Limited. Alex is a finance professional with a proven record of over 20 years of accounting and finance, insurance, banking, and fund management operations experience which are key in evaluating business and investment opportunities, quickly understanding the financial needs of clients within their markets, and making sound, profitable and sustainable investment decisions. 

He has vast experience having worked in PWC, Britam, and Standard Chartered Bank, Kenya. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and enjoys farming. 

He is an expert in the identification and implementation of financial management strategies to capture margin improvement opportunities that impact bottom line profits. Alex has consistently delivered a strong performance in new business development, growth, and diversification and is a regular feature in business articles on Wealth Management in East Africa

RSVP your attendance and see you then!

When: Tues, 19th July
Time: 10am- 11am
RSVP: Livestorm
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