Coworking is a new way modern businesses are reducing the amount of time and resources spent on their office logistics – and instead moving to shared serviced office space.

Your time is then freed up to focus on productive tasks like increasing sales and improving your product.


Where the best coworking spaces take this basic concept further, is by building on top of that platform of shared resources, a community of support and networking.

For many growing and innovative businesses, networking and connections are key to developing your product and increasing the speed with which you can get known and grow.

Whether it’s getting feedback on your product in real time, asking for advice, or simply grabbing a beer after work, the power of our coworking community is invaluable.



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At Nairobi Garage, we have developed a coworking space for businesses of all shapes, from startup to established innovative businesses.

Not only do you get access to premium space, which can be as communal or as private as you want to make it. You also get access to our incredible network of like-minded entrepreneurs and teams.

Our members have access to hand-picked, quality professional services from our network of partners and providers. We help our members connect to industries and professionals, which add value through essential services that are optimised for growth.


Events are a core part of how the Garage and our members interact and engage with business ecosystem. We regularly host thought-provoking talks, skills-focused seminars and good-old networking evenings.

They are a chance for you to learn, speak, network, get inspired and get reinvigorated for the challenging road ahead.

Ready to launch your product? Want to teach a class or host a workshop? Our members are welcome to host an event in one of our flexible event spaces.