Our commitment to collaboration & connection still stands in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic. We are continuously monitoring developments, implementing measures that prioritise the health of all teams – based on the WHO and Kenyan government protocols and advice.

Our goal is to maintain the best practices of hygiene, safety, physical distancing with a focus on everyone’s peace-of-mind, and comfort. It is for that reason that we are continually enhancing our protocols, to protect your wellbeing, ensuring that all teams can continue working in a safe and healthy environment.

We request that all members coming in/out of our work spaces, maintain the following COVID-19 policies:  


We request that members review their policies to:

  1. Ensure sick-leave policies do not compel anyone who is unwell to come to work,
  2. Provide options for at high-risk team members/visitors to stay out of the office entirely,
  3. Require anyone with or developing COVID-19 symptoms at work to go home immediately, 
  4. Require anyone with or developing COVID-19-like symptoms to stay home,
  5. Require any team member/visitor who has a close COVID-19 positive contact to stay home,
  6. Require any team member/visitor who has contracted COVID-19, to stay home for 3-days after symptoms abate and for 14-days since symptoms first appeared, 
  7. Report suspected team & guest infections to the Nairobi Garage team allowing us to take appropriate measures such as informing other members to take precaution,
  8. Limit business travel as much as possible,
    1. Team members/visitors who have been travelling internationally, to confirm that they have self quarantined for 14-days upon return, or can provide a certificate of a COVID-19 negative test, or a vaccine certificate. 


  1. We require all who use our facilities to immediately inform us if they’ve had a COVID-19 positive diagnosis, and to allow us to alert other members who they were in prolonged (generally, 15 mins+) contact with.
  2. In the event of a discovery of an infection within our spaces, our teams will contact all member admins with an update, and also ensure all the spaces have been disinfected and well ventilated. 
    1. Note: We request that the unwell team member SHOULD NOT come into the space to collect any of their items. Instead, we will liaise (with the member’s authorisation) to help arrange for the collection and delivery of the items (at the member’s own cost). 
  3. We will also make our best efforts to inform anyone who has had close contact with that member (been within 6-feet) for a prolonged period of time (generally, 15 mins+) and ask them to quarantine for 14-days or provide a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test before returning to the office space,


  1. We require that all members get their temperature checked immediately upon entry,
  2. We require that all members use the provided hand sanitisers at the reception and around the workspace,
  3. We require that all members working out of the coworking areas and accessing communal areas have their facial covering / facemask on at all times. 

It’s important to note that COVID-19 prevention is a communal effort therefore we cannot do this without support from you as our members. Let us all take responsibility in our various capacities to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Thank you for your continued support.

Team NG

We have identified the following list of safety measures to make our office spaces safer and comfortable: 

  • Temperature checks

    Temperature checks at the front desk for all people. Entry not permitted if signs of a fever (above 37.8´c).

  • Regular Sanitisation

    Frequent sanitisation of desks, handles, surfaces in the space, throughout the day.

  • Hand wipes

    Hand sanitisers available throughout the space, as well as anti-bacterial wipes provided for your devices as you enter.

  • Circulation

    One-way circulation signs throughout the spaces to avoid cross-traffic and maintain distance.

  • Face-masks

    Face-masks encouraged to be worn, as well as provided free of charge for anyone who doesn’t have one.

  • Keeping distance

    Distancing encouraged between members on coworking desks to maintain 1.5 meters.

  • Symptom advice

    Anyone with any symptoms, however mild, is asked to stay away from the office and self-isolate for 14 days.