Nairobi, we all know this city and what it has to offer. It has both good and bad, like any large city, but there’s something about our Green City in the Sun, an energy that’s always buzzing in the air, something that makes us love it for all its imperfections. And hey, what could go wrong if you can live here AND have an office space like ours? ;)

During our interview with Catherine Gicheru, Country Lead of Code for Kenya, for her #ZoomIn feature that you can read here, we let her talk about what she loves about Nairobi. Read below to see if you agree.

“I was born in Nairobi, I was raised in Nairobi, I schooled in Nairobi, hopefully I’ll die in Nairobi, maybe get cremated in Nairobi, get spread out over Nairobi, make sure everyone knows that I was here.” When somebody goes this far when talking about the city, it doesn’t leave you much room to question their love for the place.

“You’re not far from anything when you’re in Nairobi, 10 minutes out you’re in the rural areas or in a coffee farm, 15 minutes out you’d be just about anywhere. People in Nairobi are weird, everybody is a hustler, people are always thinking outside the box, and what might look like the plain old 9-5 person is a totally different human being after 5 o’clock. There’s always a surprise in the city, a nice place, a nice pub, an interesting food joint, there are hidden gems that people just coming in won’t see. You need to be wired with all the different kinds of weird people to be a part of that. Also, what other city do you know with a national park, or a protected forest with over 600 bird species, right near the centre? Nairobi is a nice city. It’s crazy, it’s messy, the traffic is horrible, and we’ve been doing a lot of expanding without following the original plan, but it is uniquely US, and nobody can take that away.”

These are the reasons why Catherine loves Nairobi, and why you should too. Want to sum up why you love Nai as well? Tweet us @NairobiGarage with the hashtag #WhyILoveNai, and let’s share the love we have for this awesome place we’re lucky to be living in!