Hey all you passionate working girls, here’s something to catch your throat. Have you ever got stuck scrambling thoughts of the mind and asked yourself a million times, “How am I ever going to make it?” Here’s a bit of reason to keep your courage up and take your head out of the clouds.  At the Garage we love to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of all our members in our office space. In honor of International Women’s Day across the globe, at your office spaces, and in your hearts we want you to take initiative in giving a small contribution to an emerging work force, women. As the only bread winner in my own family, I think as a woman, I have learned that we women are a revolutionary power of excellence setting a new paradigm of innovation in business through the very own expression womanhood. This week we want to support and cherish the successes of female entrepreneurs in our space, and here are some awesome tips on entrepreneurship from leading ladies at the Nairobi Garage.

11 Tips from Top Ladies at the Garage on How You can make it:

Angie Garcia Forner “Believe in Yourself!”

Director Garcia Forner Consulting

“My tip for women entrepreneurs is belief in yourself, most of the times we really do have what we need to go forward, and we are the ones who limit ourselves, as an entrepreneur really occasionally you just need to ‘jump and assemble the parachute as you go down’; what belief that you can do it and whatever the landing you would have definitely learnt something, remember they say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”



Nathalie Maikere “We are powerful– celebrate your feminine Power!”

 Founder e-Ensures

“Women are powerful– don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. We are the ones who make the most impact in the world. In everything you do, make sure you fully own it, embrace and celebrate yourself. You are deserving of the success you’ve worked so hard for, and it’s not by chance that you’ve got to where you are now.”


 Saskia Everard “Find something you Love!”


“Find something you love and work hard – don’t be worried about the occasional fail, that’s just life. Network with everyone, be curious and take on more than you think you can handle (you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve by mistake!).”



Rui Yamashita “Be strong, and follow your intuition.”

Founder Kangarui

“Be strong, and follow your intuition. Face your fears and take risks. If you are truly passionate about what you do, others will feel it and support.”


Untitled design Nicolette Lok “Do not dwell on your mistakes; make sure that you learn from them.”

VP Operations, Africa Geopoll

“Do not dwell on your mistakes; make sure that you learn from them and do not be afraid to try something new. It is also important to know your limitations and get the support/feedback from your colleagues  to help you become better and grow your knowledge base.”


Untitled design

CJ Jones “Have unbounded energy, sheer persistence and tenacity.”

Director of Enviu in East Africa

“Belief in self, patience with learning, never let your real self be subjugated to the business or idea (don’t lose sight of who you really area as a person.  Have unbounded energy, sheer persistence and tenacity. Cultivate the ability to be logical and careful with difficulties and problems – never allow emotion to get in the way of a sensible and constructive decision.”


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Caroline Ngesa “The path of success is to identify your passion.”

Producer AfricaSnowman

“In my considered opinion, the first step into the path of success is to identify and espouse your passion. Once you have done that, you stay committed to that path and endeavor for excellence. To attain excellence,  you have to be relentless, embrace change, practice candour in your organisation and collaborate with people who share similar professional values and vision.”


Untitled design

 Ida Jeng “Give more than you take!”

 Director of Global Communication and Strategy REFUNITE

“Do what you love, and do it hard and often. Give more than you take — to projects, people and partners. It’s okay to want to leave a mark in this world.”


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April Kamunde “Identify a mentor!”

 Chief Projects Officer, NEO AMADIVA.

“Identify a mentor (preferably an entrepreneur as well) who you can learn from, bounce ideas off on and doesn’t mind you venting once in a while.”


Wanjira Mathai  “Keep your head up. If you have an idea be patient, persistent and committed”

Director wPOWER

“Trust in your instincts. If you have an idea be patient, persistent and committed. Believe in your ideas and in the process and don’t do what other people think you should do. Try something else. Be the best you can and do the best you can. Changing is also important and dropping to moving ahead is important. Don’t stick to one thing only. Nursing, cursing or rehearsing on one thing is a waste of time. Keep your head up.”

 Lisa Armstrong “Follow your dream!”

 CEO Ugogo Africa 

“I think it’s important to follow your dream. If you believe in something and work hard enough doors will open. But first and foremost always stay true to yourself.”


Here you have it from the top ladies themselves, now go ahead ask yourself that same question again and you will find that every woman can make it! Remain diligent, determined, dream big and remember to rock this world with your womanhood! Kenyan women are not only professionals dominating the office space but traditional mothers, sisters,daughters and wives.  They strike a perfect balance between modernity and tradition. We can lead “Kenya inchi yetu” and manage “uchumi wa nyumbani” with our own sophisticated anthem of simple living and high thinking. Share the spirit of equality and support the cause that brings women into the agenda! At the Garage we are a family, how can you not talk about family when family is all you got! Building healthy relationships with women is reason to aid productivity in the work space. So go ahead share this food for thought with all the beautiful people out there. Remember to relax on this legendary day, take a chill pill and don’t forget to Hakuna Matata ladies if those thoughts come running again :) Happy Women’s Day my mpenzi Wanjiku’s!

Stay tuned for a cool video complied by our member Geopoll, for International Women’s Day :)

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